About IDM

Innovative Data Management is the Vending leader in Business Intelligence and Big Data analysis.

What is IDM?

Innovative Data Management LLC ("IDM"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Custom Data Solutions Inc ("CDSI"), has created an opportunity for Vending Management Software ("VMS") and MicroMarket Software ("MMS") providers to pool their customer vending machine and MicroMarket POS data for a variety of analytic services.

In the recent past, several CPGs have inquired about obtaining and gaining easy access to such data. The CPGs collectively believe that analysis of the consolidated data will provide valuable insights leading to increased sales. Increased sales will certainly benefit the Operators (your customers), Supply Chain and the CPGs. Additionally, it will create increasing opportunities for VMS and MMS providers and implement the foundation to monetize the data.

Our Services

IDM, through its parent CDSI, is uniquely positioned to provide the services of consolidating and reporting all VMS and MMS data for several reasons.
  • History

    Long-established customer relationships with major CPGs.

  • Data

    Currently, all VMS and MMS data is separately held by each provider creating several data silos and limiting the value and ability to effectively and efficiently utilize the data.

  • Complete Independence

    IDM and CDSI have no conflicting relationships with VMS or MMS providers or their customers.

  • Confidentiality

    IDM can provide the confidentiality required to ensure that each VMS and MMS provider's customer data is fully anonymized and safeguarded.

  • No Customer Competition

    CDSI customers are CPGs. CDSI has direct access to marketing, sales, finance and category mangers at all CPGs.

  • Unique Ability

    IDM is the only entity with the ability to provide a "single point" of access for CPGs to obtain data for analytic purposes.

  • Rising Value

    IDM provides significant monetary value to each VMS and MMS provider through the sales of various services. These services are not currently available in the marketplace.

  • Benefits

    With the collective "power" of consolidated data, IDM, acting as the clearinghouse, is well positioned to provide all participating VMS and MMS providers with richer, more valuable, CPG sponsored marketing and incentive programs aimed at increasing the sales of all provider customers.


Who We Are

Formed in April 1981, Custom Data Solutions is proud to have celebrated over 42 years in business.

  • The Company was founded as a software development company specializing in providing high end, innovative solutions in various industries, including insurance, banking, property management, manufacturing and distribution. To this day, we continue to serve our first two original customers' IT needs.

  • In 1994, we were engaged by our first snack food client to provide data processing support, and since that time, have grown this segment of our business to become the premier data collection, processing and reporting service in the Vending, Specialty, Theater, Fund Raising, Concession, and Foodservice channels. In 2002, we expanded our data services into the Convenience Store channel. The C-Store channel has presented several unique data and reporting issues requiring progressive solutions to address our client needs.

  • Since mid 2006, the Company has performed services in the Foodservice channel providing clients with two reporting solutions. One method is National (Corporate) Accounts processing based on customer reported purchases. The second method is distributor reported sales to all Foodservice customers similar to Vending channel reporting. Steady growth is expected to continue in the Foodservice channel.


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